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Message from Management


In the past financial year, the Company encountered a complex and challenging environment. The management of the Company strove for stability in policy planning and implementation, and executed reforms and explored the paths for future development while maintaining stability.

In next financial year, challenges will co-exist with opportunities in the operation and business expansion of the Company. In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 caused a heavy strike to the global economy and international business travel activities were severely restricted. Facing such challenging environment, the Company will steadily advance its existing businesses and projects, so as to seek development opportunities while maintaining stability. On the other hand, after months of comprehensive and strict epidemic prevention measures in China, the epidemic has been effectively brought under control, and the economy has begun to recover vigorously with consumption and investment activities getting more dynamic, which has brought opportunities and prospects for the Company’s business innovation and expansion. In the new financial year, the Company expects to make certain progress in the following areas:


Property business: To promote the development and sales of properties of Wuxi Shengye steadily. Thanks to the superiority in location and property characteristics of the project, the sales of the apartment part of the project are currently progressing smoothly. The next step will be to steadily promote the development, leasing and sales of the commercial part on market reality basis. We will strengthen the management of lease and sales of the Company’s properties in Hong Kong to consolidate the Company’s property business foundation.


Investment business: In the new financial year, the Company will promote the construction of the investment sector cautiously. The Company will seek investment opportunities in the property sector continuously and actively explore cooperation with other property developers. In terms of financial investment, the Company will keep concentrating on the main line of “China’s growth momentum”, and explore high-quality opportunities surrounding the two themes of new technology and new consumption in an exploratory and cautious manner, so as to improve the Company’s profitability.

In the new financial year, the Company will regard the reform and improvement of internal governance system as one of its priorities. The Company will conduct a comprehensive review of management risks, strengthen the risk management and control system, improve the management and assessment of human resources, and establish a professional and stable executive team for the above two major businesses of property and investment.

In the new financial year, the Company will continue to adhere to a prudent financial management style, strive to control and reduce debt levels, and maintain sufficient liquidity.

Thank all the staff and partners of the Company for their efforts and help. Facing the challenges brought about by this global crisis, we will look for opportunities in a calm response, and continue to explore on the road to realise the asset optimisation and business innovation of the Company.